Slingbox Website Review & Ratings + Slingbox Coupons
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Slingbox Website Review & Ratings + Slingbox Coupons

Slingbox: Products & Services

Slingbox is a TV media streaming device that allows the user to communicate with a central television away from home.  Set up to work with a cable box or television DVD device, the Slingbox is able to convert the media signal so that it can be sent over the internet and displayed on a number of computer devices.  The company has increased its reach of devices since it was first founded and now can work on mobile phones, netbooks, laptops, computers or another television set up with an internet connecitons. 

Members of can also access a variety of television shows and movies beyond what is available at home.  The Slingbox is supposed to connect to only one device at a time, so one cannot support four televisions in the home with the device.  However, you can save the rental on another cable box by using the device.  It is also quite handy for frequent travelers or those who have a second home.  Dish cable company offers a version of their Hopper DVD that comes inbedded with the Sling Media software.

Slingbox: Company Background

The company, Sling Media, which is owned by Echostar, came out in 2006 with its first Sling Box for Mac OS.  By 2008, the company had a system for the Windows OS as well.  Since then, the company has refined its software and now can reach the Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Palm and other devices.  The company is headquartered in Foster City, California, on the outskirts of Silicon Valley.  The company's research and development office is currently located in Bangalore, India.  The company's newest products for the  Slingbox 500 which features internet connections and the Slingbox 350 which does not.

Slingbox: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Slingbox overall generates positive reviews.  The customer reviews tend to be long and detailed. I am presenting some exerpts from some Amazon reviews which are typical.  Customer complaints center around problems with HDCP encryption, quality of the picture and the ability to connect to one device at a time.

  • Viewing TV on my laptop was amazing - I had a solid signal and the HD video was great. I could even bring up a facsimile of my remote, and use it to control my set top box, including using DVR and OnDemand functions. Even the program guide was a joy to use - allowing me to search for programs and filter on HD content. The WDTV Live Hub performance was less thrilling. It was slow, with button clicks taking up to 30 seconds to register, was choppy, and in the end just froze up on me, forcing me to retreat to the Home screen.
  • To sum it all up, it works great IF you know what your getting into. If you just buy it and figure it out as you go you will probably not be happy, so be sure to spend the time learning the product to understand what it is and isn't capable of. If you have a single box, single hdmi tv you will be more then happy as long as your internet and cpu can keep up with the demands. Smart phones look great also, 720x1280 on a 4.7" screen is amazing, no missing the ball or puck here.
  • "Remote Viewing on 4 Screens" is very misleading. It doesn't mean you can actually watch from 4 screen's at once! It means they allow for 4 types of remote screens : TV's, Computers, Tablets, and Smartphones. The new TiVo Stream can support simultaneous device access. Sling blew it on this one big time, missing the mark by a long shot as most every household has multiple devices that could benefit from simultaneous streaming.  As other's have said, the HDMI is totally worthless. The inability to decode HDCP renders the port virtually unusable.
  • Well I finally decided to order this product even after finding myself unsure and somewhat intimidated by other reviews here, so I just received my slingbox about 20 minutes ago and I'm seriously watching tv on my iPad and iPhone already and i never even opened the instruction booklet that came with it. The quality is just as good as it is on my HD tv at home.
Slingbox: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Slingbox is not registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) but does have a rating with the company of B.  There is also an alert issued by the BBB for the company because it did not properly register with the State of California in regard to some of its warranty offers.  It is clear there have been some issues in the past with long term warranties sold on its products.  The company has been covered in the media, especially as regard to this lawsuit which was settled in early 2013.  The company has won some technology awards.  The latest is the 2013 International CES Innovation Honoree for Design and Engineering Showcase Honors for the Slingbox 500.

Slingbox: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa shows that the site has some popularity in the United States.  The website is rated about 6300 in the United States.  Most users are male and access the site from school or home.  About 57% of the users come from the United States.  A number of users come from other countries. The most numerous of these are Japan, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Mexico and Canada.  Over 1100 other websites link into this company.  The site has about 60,000 views per day.  Google's PageRank lists the site at 5/10.

Slingbox: Social Media Presence

Slingbox as a moderate social media presence.  The company has a 3Facebook page that about 8000 members and updates customers on new events with the company several times a month.  The Twitter page of SlingBox has Mr. Sling and he seems to have picked up about 5700 members with his daily Tweets.  There is also a You Tube channel that has about 200 subscribers and has had over 380,000 views. 

Slingbox: Website Security & Safety

Slingbox encodes all transciptions with the latest in SSL technology.  Personal transactions are as safe as possible over the internet. The transactions are secured by a certificate from GeoTrust.  Payments are taken by credit card or Paypal which are generally safe methods.  The company does not keep personal information nor sell it to other companies.

Slingbox: Pricing & Packages

Sling Box is priced per box, which is a one time purchase.  The company often offers discounts or gift cards to customers who buy their product.  There are two basis products:

  • The Slingbox 350:  $179/The Slingbox 500:  $299
  • Belkin@TV:  $149.99
  • Vulkano:  $99 to $249
  • RokuBox:  $99
  • OrbTV:  $99
  • AppleTV:  $99

SlingBox is most similar to Belkin@TV, but all of these devices allow television to be broadcast on a computer or mobile device.  The RukuBox is portable and can be taken on travel and attached to any television.  Clearly, the lower priced options don't include some of the choices available to the Slingbox customer.

Slingbox: Shipping Rates & Policies

Shipping rates start at about $9 per item, but for the 48 continuous states in the United States, shipping costs are currently included in the price of the item purchased.  This is not true for international delivery or for items sent to Hawaii or Alaska.  In these cases, a customer might save some money by purchasing the item at a local store if this is an option.

Slingbox: Payment Methods Accepted

The company accepts a number of credit cards for payment.  These include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diner's Club at this time.  Debit cards can also be used to make payments as long as they are affiliated with a credit card that the company accepts.  Slingbox also accepts PayPal as an alternative payment method.  The company does not accept checks, money orders or other forms of alternate payment methods.

Slingbox: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Slingbox is warranted from all defects for a period of one year after purchase.  If the Slingbox was purchased online, the customer should contact customer service about how to fix the slingbox under the warranty.  There usually is an option in some areas to drop the machine off for repairs.  The company is under a court case in California due to non-compliance with California laws for electronic repair companies and not honoring warranties according to law.  The settlement will be in place to 2015.  It is a company policy to not accept any items in return unless they have a Return Authorization Number provided by customer service.

Slingbox: Product images & screenshots
Slingbox Coupons
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